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Get Peace of Mind with Your Estate Plan
Our law firm can help you protect your children's inheritance, avoid expensive court fees, and make your intentions clear.
Hi, I'm Michael Einheuser, a Southeast Michigan Estate Planning Attorney.
I'll teach you how to provide for your loved ones and minimize your expense. All while offering a fair, flat-fee system that's 100% transparent.
What You'll Get From 
Your Free Consultation:
Free Legal Advice
I plan to share up to two hours with you. I'll answer your questions and learn about your estate planning goals.
Customized Options
I'll show you all the estate planning tools you have to achieve your family’s unique planning goals and needs.
Peace of Mind
After our meeting, you’ll be happy and informed. You'll have a clear picture of the best estate planning options for your family.
At the end of our meeting, I'll calculate and tell you my flat fee for each option.
Bonus: Free Guide
When you request a consultation, you'll receive my estate planning guide. It's full of proven, step-by-step advice to estate planning. Simply request a time to meet, and it's yours to download for free.
“Michael was invaluable in helping me plan my estate. I don’t know a more honest attorney. Michael is very down to earth and easy to talk to. I am secure in knowing that when the time comes my daughters will receive what money I have and my wishes will be followed.” - Lois B.
The Basics of Your Estate Plan
Last Will & Testament
Select who you want to inherit your home, money and other assets (and who to leave out).
Living Trust
Ensure your family will inherit your assets without the delay and expense of probate.
Healthcare Directive
Choose someone to make your medical decisions and take care of you if you need help.
Power of Attorney
Choose someone you trust to pay your bills and take care of your money if you need help.
We can also help you with Medicaid Planning, Elder Law and Asset Protection.
What's Different About Working with Michael?
Full Service
Other attorneys offer instructions and ask you to do the work. I handle everything for you from start to finish.
Fair, Flat Fee
Other attorneys charge a lavish hourly rate. I have a reasonable, flat fee so there are no surprises.
Fast and Simple
Other attorneys make the process drawn out and complicated. I've created a process that makes it simple and painless. 
“When I need legal advice I know I can trust Michael and his team. Some law firms only know how to talk in legal terms; with Michael, he explained everything in simple, easy to understand language. They are professionals and put the client first and are always pleasant to work with.” - Carolyn S.
It's Your Legacy.
I Want to Ensure You Are 100% in Complete Control.
You've spent your entire life working hard for the privilege of leaving a legacy. You want to provide the resources for your children and grandchildren to live their dreams.

I want to help you make that possible. I've given over 2,000 families peace of mind by serving as their trusted estate planning advisor. It would be my privilege to help you too.
What Happens If You Don't Have An Estate Plan?
No Control
Suddenly "other people" will decide your fate if you become disabled or lose your mental faculties. You'll lose control of your assets and your medical care decisions.
Costly Probate
Your children might suffer the emotional distress of probate court: the endless delays; the expensive costs; only to be dragged into court and have their lives become public record.
No Inheritance
Your children might be left with pennies on the dollar because of expensive probate costs and litigation with family members who want a piece of your money.
"Michael and his team were extremely helpful with my estate planning needs. They provided wise and very experienced counsel and prompt and very professional, very thorough, completion of the project. In addition, after the project, they remained in touch with me to answer questions and be sure that my needs were met. I highly recommend them.” - David L.
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